What readers are saying...

Sheila O'Malley, Connecticut:

I was fascinated at the twists and turns in this novel. It is interesting to watch the two stories intertwine and unfold. You become suddenly wrapped up in two different character's lives and two different yet similar sets of circumstances. I was intrigued with the way each character dealt with emotional realities of their lives and how this played off of the spiritual world. Each of us faces our own ghosts and the novel depicts two very moving stories of women who must face their own ghosts in some way, shape or form. I don't have anything to look forward to now that I finished the book. I will be waiting to see what new book the author writes.

Helen Bennett Harvey, Connecticut:

This is a story that lets us into the life of a character anyone can relate to. The main character is smart and bold, but she also has had pain and trials in her life and while those issues crop up now and then, she forges forward. And who can resist the idea of trying to find love despite a few chains rattling in the background? Who ya gonna call? Yourself, when you are this character, and you will face all that frightens you!

Lauren Garrison, Connecticut:

This is a captivating story about a young graduate student writing a ghost story while trying to make sense of the ghost haunting her. The author does an excellent job of taking the reader inside of the young woman, Melanie, whose struggles with love anyone can sympathize with. I loved reading Melanie's most personal thoughts and fantasies as the book follows her through a strange and exciting time in her life, living in a haunted house and becoming close with two men. The suspense builds as the story progresses, and sections near the end left me jumpy enough to not want to be alone in my house!

Marissa Yaremich Miklus, Pennsylvania:

This is ghost telling at its very best. Forget the cliches of werewolves and vampires. Instead, Michelle Tuccitto Sullo offers readers the kind of ghosts, combined with her vivid imagery and succinct word choice, that eerily rap chills down the reader's spine. She populates her story with complex characters and a budding romance that sweeps you up in its realistic relationship dynamics. But just as you nearly forget it's a ghost story (and as you regain your brevity to traipse through you quiet home for that midnight snack) she snaps Fear back to attention as a reminder to always look over your shoulder and question the unusual.

Laura Floyd, Georgia:

Alternately creepy and romantic, this would be an excellent page-turner to bring along to the beach - I enjoyed it very much!

Alex Sanders, on Amazon.com:

"This intriguing story varies between a chilling ghost story and a romance novel. But despite the spine-tingling experiences the main character, Melanie, experiences, the book is impossible to put down. Melanie's forbidden love makes the story fast-paced and steamy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good read - but you may need to sleep with the lights on!"